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For version history while DeskScope was named UltWin, see UltWin Version History.

1.2 Released: 05/10/2022

1.02.0000 (05/10/2022)
DeskScope now supports Windows 11.
DeskScope now has a splash screen.
DeskScope is now a standalone application.
DeskScope in the new name for UltWin.
DeskScope has been redesigned for reliabililty and compatability.
DeskScope no longer supports Windows 7.
DeskScope no longer supports a taskbar band.
1.02.0001 (06/10/2022)
Resolved "Unable to connect online..." error message .
Resolved issue with the registry preventing "Auto launch at sign in" option being applied.
1.02.0002 (16/10/2022)
Resolved broken code preventing DeskScope from working with the Windows multiple desktops (Windows 10 and 11).
Improvement to stability issue with message queues being overwhelmed (requires more testing).
1.02.0003 (20/10/2022)
Some reliability enhancements are included with this update; for instance, compatibility with Windows 10 and 11 multiple desktops has been simplified, and more work has been done to reduce the possiblity of message queues being overwhelmed.
1.02.0004 (21/10/2022)
The correct versions of the CRT merge modules were included with the installers.
DeskScope Update was downloading updates incorrectly resulting in error messages.
1.02.0005 (23/11/2022)
On occasion, DeskScope would hang owing to processing many messages at once.
Heap curruption exception in ntdll.dll causing DeskScope to terminate seems to have been resolved.


Additional feature.
Removed feature.
Bug resolved, improvement or modification (not all resolved bugs, improvements and modifications may be listed).

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